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The circular economy and the important role we all play

What is the circular economy?

The circular economy is an economic system in which resources are used, reused, and recycled in a closed loop to minimize waste and pollution. This approach to economic activity aims to keep materials and products in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them while in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life. The goal of a circular economy is to create sustainable economic growth by reducing dependence on finite resources, cutting waste and pollution, and creating jobs and economic opportunities.

How do charity shops support the circular economy?

Charity shops support the circular economy by keeping used goods in circulation and extending the lifecycle of products. They collect and resell donated items, such as clothing, furniture, and household items, that would otherwise end up in landfills. By giving these items a second life, charity shops reduce the need for new resources to be used to create new products.

Additionally, charity shops also provide a low-cost alternative to buying new items, which can make sustainable consumption more accessible to people with limited income.

Furthermore, charity shops also support the circular economy by raising funds for charitable causes through the sale of donated goods. This can help to create a positive social impact and contribute to the sustainable development of communities.

Overall, charity shops play an important role in the circular economy by keeping products in use, reducing waste, and supporting social causes.

How does Choice support the circular economy?

At Choice we support the circular economy by collecting and processing used textiles and a wide variety of other items, such as books, bric-a-brac, and small electric items. We sort these materials, which are then sold to be used as raw materials for new products, such as wiping cloths, insulation, and stuffing for furniture. Through our partnership with the Ihezie Foundation we also donate thousands of books to UK primary schools and students in Africa. By keeping these items and textiles in use and out of landfills, Choice Textile helps to conserve resources and reduce waste.

We also support the circular economy by providing employment opportunities and helping to create a sustainable supply chain. Our commitment to the circular economy also contributes to the development of new technologies and processes that can help to make recycling more efficient and effective.

Overall, Choice plays an important role in the circular economy by recovering valuable resources from used items and keeping them in use for as long as possible, thus reducing the need for new resources to be used in production.

We are also a partner of Textiles 2030, which is WRAP’s award-winning, ground-breaking initiative, harnessing the knowledge and expertise of UK leaders in sustainability to accelerate the UK fashion and textiles industry towards a circular economy.

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