Textile Bank

Textile Banks offer an easy to use, readily accessible and “available at all times” opportunity to donate unwanted but useable items and, at the same time, help protect the environment.

Choice offers a choice of service – we are happy to arrange a loan of textile banks to existing clients who prefer to service these banks themselves. Alternatively, we can work with interested charities or local authorities to install and service dedicated banks on a regular basis. All our banks have built in safety features, are of a strong and substantial construction and can be prepared to convey an appropriate recycling message or full colour charity logo.

According to Clothes Aid around 41% of Britons do not know the location of their nearest recycling point. By increasing the number of textile banks across London and the south east we can make it even easier for the public to donate their unwanted clothing and prevent such items ending up in landfill.

For more information just contact Choice; we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements at any time.

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    It is a known fact that vast amounts of used clothing, shoes and other textiles are currently ending up in landfill sites.

    We can provide the assurance required by local authorities to continually build on their green credentials and hit the anticipated targets set by their governing bodies.