Choice and its Managing Director, Aloysius Ihezie, has long held a deep and passionate belief in both environmental issues and the massive importance of education. One hugely significant outcome of this commitment were the earlier donations over several years of hundreds of thousands of books sent by Choice to schools, libraries, and colleges in Africa.

Working closely with local volunteers, our impact within the community is far-reaching. We have teamed up with the NHS Buckinghamshire Head Injury Service, offering volunteering work for those rehabilitating from serious brain injuries or strokes or those suffering from disabilities and are looking to start their journey back into the workplace. 

More recently this all-important part of the Choice operation was formalised with the establishment of the Ihezie Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting educational opportunities through the provision of textbooks and children’s books both to Africa and to schools in the UK.


We can all do more to improve the rate at which people recycle their items. According to WRAP UK, every year people in the UK throw away over 350,000 tonnes of clothing.

We can all do our part to make sure we go a step further in our recycling efforts to create a more sustainable and fruitful environment for ourselves and future generations.

Because of our deep concern for the environment and our careful attention to all items collected by Choice, we are very proud that less than 1% or everything we collect ends up in landfill; all remaining items are either reused or recycled.

If, with the help of Choice and the rest of the recycling industry, we can combine our efforts to increase environmental sustainability across society, and help to reduce the quantity of harmful emissions, fossil fuels and other raw materials currently required to produce such items from scratch. For the environment recycling offers a win-win solution. And of course, every step taken to protect today’s environment will play a significant role in helping to safeguard the planet for our children and for future generations.

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    It is a known fact that vast amounts of used clothing, shoes and other textiles are currently ending up in landfill sites.

    We can provide the assurance required by local authorities to continually build on their green credentials and hit the anticipated targets set by their governing bodies.