• The rising trend of circular fashion
    The rising trend of circular fashion is revolutionising the way we consume and produce clothing. This shift in attitude from fast fashion to responsible manufacturing promotes the elimination of waste and pollution in the fashion industry.
  • The circular economy and the important role we all play
    At Choice we support the circular economy by collecting and processing used textiles and a wide variety of other items, such as books, bric-a-brac, and small electric items.
  • Huge gift of textbooks to schools and students in Enugu State, Nigeria – Obioma Central School
    Gift of textbooks donated to schools and students in Enugu State, Nigeria At Choice Textile our charitable work is an integral part of our business. We are enthusiastic supporters of the work of Ihezie Foundation, of which Choice Textile Managing Director, Aloysius Ihezie, is the founding trustee. We were proud to support the Ihezie Foundation … Read more
  • How to have a sustainable Christmas
    Christmas is traditionally a time of excess and goodwill and that can still be the case even with a more environmentally friendly focus
  • Climate change action for businesses
    The recent extreme hot weather in the UK has made many business owners think about what more they can be doing to reduce climate change. A few small changes can make a difference, and some changes will even have other positive outcomes.


It is a known fact that vast amounts of used clothing, shoes and other textiles are currently ending up in landfill sites.

We can provide the assurance required by local authorities to continually build on their green credentials and hit the anticipated targets set by their governing bodies.