Supporting Charity Shops

Spring clear out

Spring is here and that usually means the annual clear out is due. As residents undertake their spring clean and clear out unwanted goods, charity shops should be their first port of call, not the rubbish dump! At Choice Textile we recycle a range of goods; including books, clothing, household goods and bric-a-brac, so there is always the opportunity to reuse unwanted goods.

Living sustainably

More and more people are embracing a sustainable lifestyle, and donating to charity shops plays a big part in that sustainable ethos. Many people are still surprised to learn that recycling clothes and household goods helps the environment in the same way as recycling paper, plastic, and plastic cans. 

Charity shops are an integral part of creating a sustainable environment. There are many benefits to donating to charity shops, rather than items going in landfill. The service they provide helps support those in need, creates more affordable shopping options, offers  volunteering opportunities, and extending the life of goods is great for the environment

Helping the community and the environment

The focus on helping the community and the environment is the reason why Choice Textile came into being. MD Aloysius Ihezie of Choice Textile said ‘Our charity shop partners can expect nothing but the best service from us because we are dedicated to helping them to create a better environment, support their communities and sustain a efficient, stress-free system for managing excess goods’

Choice Textile has been in operation for over 21 years and we are experienced in supporting charity shops across the South East. We work hard to offer our charity shop partners the best possible service, because we are passionate about the positive impact we can have on our communities and the environment.

Increasing demand

Our experience supporting charity shops enables us to adapt to their changing needs. We monitor trends and continually evolve our services to cater to the changing demands, whether that be increasing volumes of excess goods, adjusting the frequency of collections or introducing technology to ensure we use the most efficient routes for collections. Our focus on offering the best possible services means we are always looking for ways to enhance our service, so that it benefits the charity shops – make their life easier. We are reliable and a trusted partner for many charity shops.

With the increasing focus on sustainability and reaching net zero, Choice Textile is prepared for an increase in demand from charity shops with excess goods. As more people understand the importance of reducing emissions by recycling goods, trends indicate there will be an increase in donations to charity shops. We are a trusted partner in the charity shop sector and understand the importance of offering a reliable service, and this is why we monitor trends and insights to ensure we are always ready to support our partners when they need us most.

Supporting charity shops

If your charity is looking for a new, experienced and reliable partner to support you in managing excess goods, please get in touch. Our service ensures you can scale your activities knowing any excess can be managed by our seamless and stress-free systems.

Please email: or call: 020 8965 6699