How to get to Net Zero?

How to get to net zero?

In the wake of the latest IPCC report and the announcement by leading scientists this week, that the UK government is moving too slowly to tackle the climate emergency. We all need to reconsider what more we can do individually and as businesses to make a positive difference.

While the report warned that global emissions must peak by 2025 to stave off the worst impacts of the climate crisis, which would require immediate action from all countries, scientists say they are concerned the UK government is dragging its feet.

Net Zero Strategy

The UK government’s 2021 net zero strategy has several good ideas to develop renewables, hydrogen, carbon capture, low-carbon heating, transport and industrial manufacturing.

But the strategy includes nothing on behaviour changes, such as recycling, diets and aviation. We urge governments, local authorities and businesses to include more recycling initiatives in their strategic plans.

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Our work with Charity Shops

Sustainability is at the heart of the Choice Textile business. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the environment and the community, by working with charity shops across the South East to significantly reduce the amount of materials going to landfill. We also work on educating local communities and young people on the contribution they can make to reducing climate change through recycling.

Recyling and reducing landfill

We are proud that less than 0.1% or everything we collect ends up in landfill. All remaining items are either reused or recycled. With the help of Choice Textile and the rest of the recycling industry, we can combine our efforts to increase environmental sustainability across society, and help to reduce the quantity of harmful emissions, fossil fuels and other raw materials currently required to produce such items from scratch. 

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We aim to minimize our footprint by ensuring all the vehicles in our fleet meet the latest standards for engine emissions, and by using route optimisation software to develop environmentally-friendly collection routes, thereby reducing CO2 emissions throughout the journey.

For the environment, recycling offers a win-win solution. And of course, every step taken to protect today’s environment will play a significant role in helping to safeguard the planet for our children and for future generations.

If you are a charity shop, local authority or school, and want to work with us to help reduce emissions by recycling unwanted household goods such as second-hand clothing, shoes, used books, bric-ca-brac, please email: