Our Connections

Choice was the first company to collect surplus books from charity shops. Since then many millions of books have been diverted from landfill and reused or recycled. Books received at our warehouse are carefully sorted and, following further selection, books identified as text books or other educational books have been donated to schools, colleges and libraries throughout west Africa. See also the link to The Ihezie Foundation.

Choice has always avoided any involvement in other activities ( such as direct household collections ) which may have an adverse impact on individual charities. Working with the CRA and others Choice has also attempted to protect charities from bogus or opportunist collectors which in the past have resulted in some charities losing many thousands of pounds.

For more than 12 years Choice has been an active and supportive member of the Charity Retail Association, the main voice of the charity retail sector. Over this time Choice has invested heavily as a main sponsor and, in addition,  provided financial support to a substantial number of smaller charities enabling them to attend the annual CRA conference.  More recently Choice was elected as a founder member of the CRA Corporate Members Group.  As and when the opportunity arises Choice actively promotes the aims and objectives of the Association to new and existing clients.